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Sanjee Ratanatunga

Sanjee Ratnatunga

Sanjee is Founder and Director of Ideas for Change Consulting, an economic development consultancy operating across the North East.  In 1993, after graduating from Brunel University with an Economics degree, Sanjee moved from London to Newcastle to start her first job a North Tyneside Council. The intention was to stay until the end of her contract and return to London, however Sanjee fell in love with Newcastle and the North East never left!

Over the past 25 years, Sanjee has worked in senior management positions within Local Authority, Business Link and the former regional development agency, leading on several business support and enterprise schemes, skills and inclusion projects.  She has worked with the nicest of people and found that building strong working relationships and collaborating with others is the key to getting things done.

Sanjee now works with the region’s universities, colleges, businesses and charities, always looking for creative and innovative solutions to persistent economic and social issues. 

“I have been very luck in life  to have had some amazing women in senior positions as mentors and role models leading the way and lighting the path and I  continue to be inspired by the work that many women do both in public and private life to make sure we all succeed.”  

Sanjee is a strong believer in the North East being open and having an international outlook, having been born in Sri Lanka, grown up in Zambia and Kenya and lived in the UK for most of her working life she is fully aware how important this is in bringing out the best in people.

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