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Sharon JAndu (600 x 800 px)

Sharon Jandu

Sharon is an experienced Business Delivery and Project Management expert, being part of many associations and programmes such as:

YABA (Yorkshire Asian Business Association) – YABA was created to provide a voice for the Yorkshire Business community. Facilitating inward investment and joint trade opportunities between businesses in the North of England and the Indian Sub-continent

NAP (Northern Asian Power) – NAP was established to profile the top 100 Asian business and professional influencers across the North of England, the organisation will showcase the Asian wealth and influence across the UKs Northern Powerhouse and indicate the economic achievements of the Asian community

GDPA (Global Diversity Positive Action) – GDPA is a registered charity established to support the most vulnerable in the community. We enable public and private sector partnerships to develop a shared knowledge economy to transform and facilitate joined up thinking resulting in impactful social enterprise models that are able to deliver dynamic and meaningful programmes serving the needs of the local community

Finally, she has been a Justice of the Peace since 2009, proud and privileged to be serving on the West Yorkshire Bench.


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