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Shkun Chadda


Shkun Chadda has worked for over 20 years in health economics and outcomes groups within pharmaceutical companies and the consultancy sector. This includes working in health outcomes groups in global, European and UK roles in major international pharmaceutical companies. Shkun has experience in leading advisory boards, client workshops, health economics and outcomes research strategy development, value dossiers and associated evidence generation. In addition, she has experience developing submissions to NICE and the SMC. Shkun now works at SIRIUS, where she regularly leads projects supporting pipeline HEOR planning, literature reviews (systematic and targeted), HTA reviews and endpoint analysis in addition to being one of the three Partners who run the company.

We hear a selection of the challenges professional Asians and Women face. A campaign like this is needed to initiate a dialogue regarding workable solutions. By sharing the rules of the game, we can inspire individuals and companies to develop their own strategies that work for them.
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