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Veena Soni

Veena arrived in England in the 1960’s after a three-week boat journey from India, her mother had packed all their possessions in a small case. With no knowledge of the English language and culture they took a massive leap of faith.

As a teacher her aim was always to ensure that all children had opportunity, confidence and support to reach their full potential. She set up learning programs for mothers as she felt they spent more time with their children, however, in many cases they often felt they were not capable of supporting their children. Education for Veena, was not about the child but rather the whole family.

Over the last 30 years Veena feels honoured to have advised guided and supported many people who have gone on to be successful in their fields and upstanding member of society. The programs she developed have helped thousands of people and she is truly humbled when people reach out to me to tell her how much these programs have positively impacted them.

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